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We have always believed that the dealers that own their own moving equipment are always ahead of other dealers DELIVERY WISE, therefore our equipment is brand new and has state of the art technology, including air ride for your home transport.  Our experienced movers will ensure that your home is delivered safely and on time and as always, we have gained a reputation throughout the manufactured housing industry to be hard working, straightforward.


At Samlan Homes, we listen, care and take care of business.

We offer the largest services facility on a dealer level in western Canada.  We do not just sell homes; we also make a commitment to our valued clients and we proudly live up to our commitments and our client’s expectations.  We have put together a team that is top notch in delivery, setup and service.

But we have never faced a challenge that we cannot overcome yet because of our many years of experience in the manufactured housing industry. The fact is our homes are quality built with pride and integrity by us or a company that is creative, a leader and a giant in the manufactured housing industry, which is Moduline Homes.

At Samlan Homes, we assure you that our warranty system will serve you at your convenience and that all your repairs will be completed correctly. That is our guarantee.

Our warranty technicians are professional with many years of experience and are well familiar with manufactured housing.  Some of our staff and sub-contractors have spent many years building homes and if they can’t fix it, no one can and that is guaranteed.  Our homes are built and designed with top strength and quality and sheeted inside out on the exterior walls with OSB; simply, very well built homes.

Samlan Homes Canada

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100% Canadian Owned and Operated
and all our homes are 100% Canadian built!

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